The online search platform that makes fashion, beauty and design brands grow.

Founded in 2008, Stylight is the world’s leading aggregation platform for the fashion, beauty and home design industry. With our technology, reach, data and market knowledge, we help online brands and retailers achieve their goals. Investments in innovation and talent make us a trusted partner for premium brands and retailers all over the world for more than 10 years.

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Stylight Solutions

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Product Listing

Grow your sales
List your products on Stylight to acquire new online shoppers, grow your revenue and reach full market potential.


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Product Promotion

Shape your own growth
Give additional visibility to your shop on Stylight through our special placements.


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High Impact Ads in TV & Online

Grow your reach and awareness
Premium ads tailored to your needs – also for brands and services not listed on Stylight.


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3 reasons why our
partner shops love Stylight

1. We give you high conversion rates and ROI

Stylight’s strong pre-qualification of shoppers sends you high-quality traffic and puts your store in contact with 160 million ready-to-buy shoppers.

2. We are first-in-class for data and technology

We never stop innovating. Tech updates and data science have made us a trusted partner for premium brands and retailers for more than 10 years.

3. We make your internationalization process fast

Europe, North America, Mexico, Brazil & Australia. Stylight has no boundaries and launching your brand in a new market is as easy as growing revenue.

World's leading aggregation platform

Stylight's category level CPC feature is a successful option to push for extra exposure during our sale periods, allowing us to increase conversions and optimize ROI.

Anna Grazioli,
Affiliate Specialist at SSENSE

Ongoing innovation at Stylight's core

We have a long history of working alongside Stylight across our global networks. With ongoing innovation at their core, I look forward to advancing our relationship to continually drive the best consumer experience in the market.

Anthony Capano,
Managing Director EMEA at Rakuten

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Product Listing

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High Impact Ads

If you’re interested in Advertising and boosting your awareness.

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