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Style Deals / Editor’s Picks

Highlight specific products

Do you have an attractive product on sale you would like to push? Then the Style Deal is for you! For non-discounted products, you can book our Editor’s Pick. Every day, a new product qualifies for a Style Deal and/or an Editor’s Pick, and is given visibility on our homepage and social media channels.

Attractive products

Boost the sales of a product of your choice – with or without a price reduction

Chosen by Stylight editors

Don’t know which product to choose? Our fashion and lifestyle experts will choose the best products to maximize your ROI

Stylight success stories

  • A women’s fashion retailer saw:
    156% increase in orders, 139% increase in sales
  • A shoe retailer saw:
    124% increase in traffic, 371% increase in sales


Drive attention to
your products via our magazine

Increase exposure for your shop and your products by featuring new collections, promotions or bestsellers in a shoppable magazine article. The topic of your choice will be written by our editorial team and pushed via our social media channels.

Select products to be featured

Choose the products or categories you would like to highlight in your shoppable editorial piece

Our editors write the content

Our experts will create content that will drive our ready-to-buy users to your products

Shopping-focussed editorial piece

Your products are the center of attention of the shopticle, no fluff or competition

Seasonal Packages

Highlight your
best sales of the season!

Sales, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday… The opportunities are endless to boost your sales! Increase visibility and benefit from our traffic peaks during specific events by listing your products on an exclusive page. The best brands and promotions of the season are already waiting for you to join them.

Newsletter & social media push

For a 360° campaign, a marketing push will be given to your brand and products

Feature unlimited products

Every product category you want to push can be featured on the page

Two-week / one-month campaigns

According to the event, we will give visibility to your products and brands for a specific time period

Stylight success stories

  • Male fashion e-retailer:
    Increase in traffic YoY same period: 141%, on sales YoY same period: 863%
  • Department store:
    Increase in sales by 200% and in # of orders by 71% YoY.
  • High-end multi-brand retailer:
    YoY 23% increase in orders and sales

Campaign Optimization

Product & Category level CPC

Maximize the potential of your campaign by applying higher CPCs on a product or category level. Higher CPCs increase your ProductRank and qualify products for higher rankings and special placements.

Product Level CPC

With Product-Level CPCs you’re able to boost your best-performing products or categories. Simply submit higher CPCs for selected products in your feed.

Category Level CPC

Reach the optimal exposure for your campaign with your best performing categories with Category level CPCs. Through the Stylight Partner Center, simply submit higher CPCs for selected categories.

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