Increase revenue and traffic for your luxury website

Digital habits that emerged during the COVID crisis will not vanish once things get back to normal; What if we told you that there are solutions that can make up for the loss of revenue caused by the pandemic? Let us tell you how Stylight’s Luxury Loft can help the luxury sector recover faster from the crisis.


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Increase exposure for your luxury brand & cut competition with retailers

You would like to attract new shoppers on your website but don’t want to compromise on your brand’s prestige and status? Then, Luxury Loft is for you! Stylight’s luxury section enables high-end mono-brands to be listed on a luxury-only area, enabling them to get extra visibility for their brand while keeping their exclusive brand positioning.

Reach our high-end shoppers

Target Stylight’s luxury shoppers: the traffic that we send you does not only consist of luxury-savy consumers, but, most importantly, are prequalified and have a very high purchasing power.

Cut competition and increase your ranking

Why share the fame when all the attention can be on your brand? Not only can your products benefit from the highest ranking on Stylight’s search pages, but you also increase your ranking from the retailers selling your products.

Exclusive, luxury only environment

Conceived for luxury mono-brands, Luxury Loft recreates your own mini online shop within the Stylight Luxury Loft section: we feature your brand’s look & feel by including your products, visual assets, and logos in an exclusive branded shop page.

The Stylight Luxury Loft Users

A gender balanced shopping experience

70% Search on Desktop/Tablet

Luxury Loft Power shopping age groups

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