We are the online search platform that makes , beauty and home brands grow.

Founded in 2008, Stylight is the world’s leading search platform for the fashion, beauty and home design industries. With our technology, reach, data and market knowledge, we enable online brands and retailers to expand the reach of their products, increasing their traffic and conversions.

How Stylight Works

We help online shoppers in 16 countries worldwide to get inspired, find all the best deals and compare prices of more than 27 million products.
With one easy click, the users that show an interest in your products are redirected to your online shop’s page.
Our users simply proceed with their order on your website, increasing your direct sales, traffic, brand awareness, and whatever else you need to grow for your business.

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What we can offer you

For Partners
Product Listing

Expand the reach of your products
List your products on Stylight to acquire new online shoppers, grow your revenue and reach your full market potential.

For Advertisers
High Impact Advertising

Boost your brand awareness
Shine the spotlight on your brand with premium online & TV ads- also for brands and services not listed on Stylight.

3 reasons why 
partners love Stylight

We give you high conversion rates and ROAS

Stylight’s strong pre-qualification of shoppers sends you high-quality traffic resulting in 4x ROAS on average and puts your store in contact with 160 million ready-to-buy shoppers.


We offer you top tier account management.

From personalized recommendations to in-depth reporting tools, your account manager is a market expert that will support you every step of the way to enable you to achieve your goals.

of our partners say that 
Stylight’s account management exceeds their expectations
Source: Stylight Partner Survey 2020

We make your internationalization process fast

Europe, North America, Mexico, Brazil & Australia. Stylight has no boundaries and launching your brand in a new market is as easy as growing revenue.

shops went international 
in 2021 (out of 1214 total)

Why our shoppers love us

We help shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Stylight offers shoppers a broad range of products from all their favorite brands, and with our advanced filters, category suggestions, and shipping & delivery information, Stylight shoppers can easily find just what they are searching for.

We inspire our shoppers with top-notch content.

Whether they are looking to discover the latest trends or get advice, our shoppers can find it all in our shoppable magazine articles, shopping guides & seasonal landing pages.


We offer shoppers products tailored to their tastes, right at their fingertips.

Stylight’s newsletters offer our shoppers product recommendations, sales & price drops on their favorite products, along with new arrivals to ensure that they are always up-to-date with the latest information.