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TV Commercials

Amplify your reach to
TV audiences with Stylight

So you’re thinking about a TV campaign but you’re not sure if it’s the right medium for you? We put your brand into the spotlight on German television using co-branded commercials, addressable advertising, and a branded entertainment show.

High reach and awareness

Attract your target audience and increase brand awareness quickly.

Increase product demand

Generate demand and action to your brand with increased brand awareness.

Multi-channel campaigns available with different targeting options

Maximize your reach through a combination of TV and digital advertising.

Branded Content Solutions

Engage users with custom
branded content and videos

Content marketing meets commerce. We combine creative marketing with our unique e-commerce background and proactive users. From ideation and design to video production and influencer marketing, we offer a full range service.

Content marketing with an e-commerce focus

Our editors and designers will create aspirational and accessible custom branded shoppable content for your brand.

Amplify brand desire

Use engaging custom-made branded content to generate product demand.

Seamless integration in the Stylight magazine

The native article fits naturally within Stylight’s look and feel, driving traffic to your branded content.

Display Advertising

Promote your brand &
drive traffic to your site

Use banner advertising to get in front of Stylight’s 12 million monthly users. We offer high-reach desktop and mobile display placements to tell your brands’ story.

Highly targeted shopping audience

Stylight users are ready to shop for the newest trends and products.

Brand-safe environment

Your ads will be rolled out in an exclusive platform for fashion, beauty, and home & living.

Maximal ad space

We show only two display ads above the fold

Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of Stylight’s social reach to engage with millennial users

Social media marketing is vital to any brand campaign and plays an important role in our Branded Content Packages.

Increase your audience

Shoppers use social media as a platform to discover new brands and engage with the ones they already love.

Interact with your target group

A direct line of communication between you and your target audience.

Programmatic Advertising

30 million monthly ad impressions available in 16 countries

Our sheer number of products and web pages allow your brand to enjoy extensive ad coverage that doesn’t disturb the natural surfing experience.

Programmatic advertising in real time

Programmatic advertising offers both publishers and advertisers an efficient way to buy and sell digital inventory.

Access to 16 different markets

Give your campaign access to worldwide coverage.

Optimal brand environment

User-friendly advertising available in an exclusive environment.

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